About Us


Visions2030 seeks to inspire people around the world to envision and forge more equitable, sustainable, and innovative futures by exploring and mobilizing the power of imagination and collaborating across disciplines and cultures. We believe that by cultivating bold and transformative visions for the year 2030 and beyond, we can help shape a more enlightened world.


We envision a world where imagination and action are valued as essential tools for transformation and where diverse voices and perspectives are amplified and celebrated. Our work harnesses the forces of creativity, innovation, and collaboration to address pressing global challenges and create better futures. Through our endeavors to inspire and engage people worldwide to boldly imagine alternative futures, we aim to help shape a brighter future.

About Us

Visions2030 is a dynamic ecosystem of diverse individuals committed to shaping the future through imagination. We aspire to be an “organism” rather than an “organization,” bravely evolving with the moment. Our team comprises multi-disciplinary, multi-hyphenate individuals with collective experiences across sectors including the arts, global change movements, technology, education, philanthropy, and venture capital.

Our Theory of the Imagination

Visions2030 is a speculative design project that seeks to use imagination to envision and prototype new futures. By drawing from diverse disciplines such as design, art, science, and technology, we strive to explore the immense potential of imagination to facilitate new ways of thinking. Our ethos centers on the belief that the act of imagining is an indispensable tool to address complex global challenges and build a viable collective future.

We embrace a broad and interdisciplinary approach to creativity — believing that imagination is best understood as a multifaceted and context-dependent capacity. In particular, we champion “dreaming forward,” a form of expansive thinking that invites individuals to explore new possibilities beyond current trends or assumptions that the future will be a continuation of the present. This practice challenges conventional perspectives and stimulates speculative contemplation to inspire new ideas.

Our work engages in solutions-oriented thinking, which involves identifying and developing novel approaches to complex problems. This theory is characterized by a focus on action and tangible steps that can be taken to directly address the challenges facing society. Our philosophy is rooted in collaborative, interdisciplinary thinking informed by diverse perspectives and experiences.

Our Partners

We are grateful to our founding partner Union Theological Seminary (UTS), where faith and scholarship meet to reimagine the work of justice, and to our other thought partner, CalArts, a leader in avant-garde art training fostering cutting-edge innovation. Our shared commitment to social change has been essential to our very DNA.


Our Team

James Andrews
Chief Visionary Officer
Yona Backer
Christopher Hayes
Senior Development & Engagement
Pedro Alejandro Hernandez
Production Manager
Carey Lovelace
Alexis Morley
Communications Manager
Vera Petukhova
Associate Director
Sofia Strashko
Administrative & Project Coordinator
Elizabeth Thompson


Lauren Bon, Julie Breyer Martin, Cláudio Carvalhaes, Marissa Chibas, Pat Cruz, Vishaka Desai, Betty Sue Flowers, Domhnaill Hernon, Betti-Sue Hertz, Kemi Ilesanmi, Serene Jones, Leslie Labowitz Starus, Suzanne Lacy, Ruby Lerner, Dorotea Mendoza, Michael Patrick Porter, Travis Preston, Ravi Rajan, Robin Reese, Madhu Vijayan, Amei Wallach, Rita Walters


Visions2030 is an initiative focused on leveraging the collective imagination to activate global change. Our mission is to unlock the creative potential in everyone and direct it toward solution-driven thinking and actions.

We believe that together we can create space for spacious dreaming and collective transformation necessary for the emergence of better futures, and we’d love to connect! Sign up for our mailing list from the top right corner. For any comments or inquiries, please contact us via the form below.